James Solomon Holford

James Solomon "Sol" Holford, the eldest child of Erasmus Lee and Selina Elizabeth (Eldridge) Holford was born 15 September 1857. Research with regard to his birthplace is unclear, but it was most likely in Overton County.

Not much is known of his early life. His father died when he was six or seven years old. He married Letisha Catherine "Tishie" Hampton, the daughter of Samuel Pearson Carson Hampton and Nancy Catherine (Ray) Hampton, on 13 February 1881.

From this union were born six children:

1. Maude, born 9 December 1881, probably in Overton County.

2. Shirley Carson, born 9 September 1883, Eldridge Cove, Overton County.

3. Edna Lee, born 10 June 1885, probably in Overton County.

4. Salina Elizabeth "Betty", born 22 July 1888, probably in Overton County.

5. Perry Wales, born 29 November 1892, in Overton County.

6. John Butler, born 22 December 1894, probably in Overton County.

Sol was engaged in farming for most of his adult life. He was a horse and mule trader. He was also a peace officer in either Overton or Putnam County at some point in time. He also became a Freemason.

By the turn of the century, Sol and Tishie were living in Clay County, near Celina. Tishie died of ovarian or uterine cancer on 27 October 1902 and was buried on what was then the Joe Walker farm in Clay County. Joe Walker has been referred to as "Cousin Joe", but the exact connection has not been established.

Sol later re-married. His second wife is known in family remembrance only as "Miss Mary", though attempts to further clarify her identity had been unsuccessful until 2009. Research into Clay County marriage records indicates that her name was Mary A. Arterbery. Sol and Mary married on 20 September 1903 by a Justice of the Peace in Clay County.

Sol and Mary sold the farm near Celina,Tennessee to a man of the surname Peveto and moved to Denton County, Texas in the vacinity of Pilot Point and then to Collin County and bought a farm around Celina, Texas from another man of the surname Peveto. They were there long enough to get a crop harvested but the farm was unsuccessful. After spending a winter in Uvalde, Texas, they returned east. They settled in the vacinity of Smith's Grove, Kentucky, where Sol died on 29 August 1909.

Sol is buried in the local municipal cemetery in Smith's Grove. He is buried alone and whereabouts of Mary thereafter are unknown.





James Solomon Holford

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