Jonathan Holford

Jonathan Holford, the second child of John and Sarah Holford, was born in 1809, probably in North Carolina.

He married Elizabeth Apple sometime between 1830 and 1832, because he is living with his parents in the 1830 Census. Elizabeth was born about 1816, the daughter of George Apple. Jonathan and Elizabeth had two daughters:

1. Mary Jane, born 29 December 1832.
2. Sarah Ann, born 8 June 1834. She married Thomas Henry Butler, who was a member of the General Assembly during 1875-77. Sarah died 16 January 1900.

Jonathan died in 1835 in Jackson County, Tennessee, where he owned at least 140 acres on Indian Creek and had a claim to an additional 40 acres. After Jonathan's death, Elizabeth married her cousin Needham Apple, a blacksmith who was about 7 years her junior. They had at least three children and possibly as many as eight.

After Jonathan's death, his father-in-law took out letters of administration (had himself appointed executor) but his brother Willis was later appointed guardian of Mary and Sarah. I suppose it could have been predicted that his estate would be involved in protracted ligitation.


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