All in the Family

Genealogy is a team effort.

When I began my research many years ago, I had my Grandmother Holford's documentation and my father's memories. Since that time, several key individuals have provided information from their own research. That research is incorporated here. I have attempted to acknowledge sources of information that are beyond my own research.

My own research has focused on the my own family group, the family of Solomon, and even more specifically, the family of his son Erasmus Lee. More recently, I have examined slaveholding across the families

Two cousins helped me greatly on the way, Lucille Lyle and Linda Holford. From Linda I got the fruits of her research to join DAR. It is not her Holford connections that paved the way to membership in that organisation, but it she did document solid information on Holford names and dates. Lucille gave me the first computerised genealogy of the family compiling her research with that of her mother, the late Melba Richardson.

For some of the background on John Holford, Sr., Willis, Matthew, and the identites and dates on the other children of John, I am indebted to Elaine Coffman, great-granddaughter of Willis. Other information has been gleaned from the work of Barbara Brassell, a descendant of Cynthia, and the late Olive Ruth Alexander, a descendant of Matthew.

Photos of the Officer farm and related graves have been provided by Mark Barker, a descendant of Cynthia.

This still does not acknowledge the work of many others who have worked to uncover information. Research both on the internet and on the ground is made possible by people who have given of their time to index cemeteries, divulge the contents of deed books and will books otherwise buried in microfilm archives, and a variety of other mundane tasks.

I am thankful for the work of others, but for any errors contained herein, I take responsibility. Any corrections will be gratefully received.

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