Granny once told me...

This is how rumours get started.

All families have stories that get passed down from generation to generation. In ours, the stories don't go back to time immemorial, but certainly far enough back to get muddled up as they make their way forward.

The most family myths and legends are based around either showing a particular social status, the connection to famous individuals, or the performance of improbable feats, often of an heroic nature. We seem to have a need to be important. It is not unlike people who believe in reincarnation and have been "shown" at least one of their previous lives through whatever medium. It is shocking the number of people living today who were Cleopatra in a previous life. No one has ever been reincarnated through a series of peasants who lives insignificant, short, brutish lives.

Our ancestors are special because they are our ancestors. It is interesting when they, or we, have connections to famous people or do heroic things, but that is not what gives them, or us, value.

I have not included as fact any such unverifiable stories. Because the passing of a story or legend may in itself be a notable part of family history, I may include it for that reason and pass comment upon it.

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